Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace – Unwilling to lose with “wong bule”

The very highest achievement in the business transaction is USD 15.000 fill his Paypal account. It started earlier in the year 2006. Is the initial milestone for the owner of CV. Batu Cantik, a company that provides a variety of handbags and jewelry. Whereby, Mr. Slamet, (people used to call) came into the BOC intimately bringing the concept of an online store that is now entrenched in

Mr. Slamet – a father of four children with low profile, has never stopped learning to understand his self and the potential future business, and admits sometimes tired with the daily activities of managing two artshop located in Ubud and Kerobokan, Bali. Not stopped there, Mr. Slamet was ‘sinful’ letting their children grow without his presence. Because the majority of time spent on his artshop from morning till night.

Such a background, Mr. Slamet decided to create a website and realize believes the presence will bring change. Gradually, since two years ago, Mr. Slamet decided to close two artshop and move all merchandise products into his own home and remain diligent marketing and publish his website on the internet.

Through the website, Mr. Slamet never stop saying thanks and never thought would see digital money “sliweran” (originally mean passing by, but in this case mean come) in his Paypal account, which can eventually be transferred to his bank accounts in Indonesia. With the website, Mr. Slamet get the majority of direct purchasers from abroad because they are usually rare bargain price and do not mind the price of shipping (shipping). Plus, when this article was published, the website received a prize Pagerank 5 by

Now, he is grateful for life and business is concentrated in his own house, where Mr. Slamet can be among his sons and daughters, take them to the school, seeing them take their lunch, accompany them to learn, active in Banjar (in Bali, Banjar is integral part of social system), welcoming guests from overseas buyers at home, increasingly intimate with his wife (Ibu Desak) and his house used as place to research & development to continue improve and expand his business related with Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace, and still use the website as a tool of his business marketing.

He also does’nt want to only creating a business that always related on his history, considering of wholesale marketplace, he also wanted to have  another variety of Indonesian products such of furniture and other handicraft. He want to participate and share to the world that Indonesia is a potential country that possible to provide a Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace

Kita memang agak tertinggal dengan perkembangan bisnis internet, tapi saya emoh kalah dengan wong bule yang telah banyak berbisnis online di Bali“- We are a little behind with the development of internet business, but I am unwilling to lose with the foreigner who have a lot of online business in Bali – he said. CV. Batu Cantik actively participate in Indonesia Handicraft Furniture Wholesale Marketplace exhibition and even get ready to travel abroad and participate in international Handicraft exhibitions in many countries.

In each of Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace, Mr. Slamet was not expecting much going to take benefit directly from selling in the exhibition, but he only expects the exhibition documentation photographs and videos as much as possible. Weird is’n it?. What is the purpose?.

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