ResellerClub Getting Worse – Su*k

This is my first time writing about you hey ResellerClub. Im frustating of waiting for your answer. I have creating a support ticket at 28 February 2013 01:14:30 PM and there is no response from  you. Event just for say hello or say be patient or bla bla something other su*k things.

Your credit card system was 2 times errors. Im feeling OK if the error does not make a negatif impact for me. The second error suddenly charging my credit card. I saw it on my bank control panel. It’s a real time proccess dude! Bravo my Bank!, BCA!.

Now, how you gonna convince me that your credit card system is back to normal? How ?. Im afraid, my heart injured, you ignore me. Im you client for over 5 years. Million USD spent my money for you dude!. Where is your respect! where is your caring ?.



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