World Silent Day (WSD) is public campaign all over the world to be held on March 21 every year as part of the global movement to reduce the impacts of the climate change to our beloved planet earth.


WSD encourages everyone, in any place in the world to get involved by lessening their activities particularly reducing the use of motorized vehicles and energy and switching off most electronic devices for four hours only during 10.00 – 14.00 on every March 21.

WSD was conceived prior to Climate Change Conference (COP 13 UNFCCC) in Bali, December 2007, as a contribution of the Balinese community to tackle climate change. Several non-government organizations (NGO) in Bali establish Bali Collaboration on Climate Change (BCCC) to facilitate community participation in conveying the aspiration on climate justice. BCCC is supported by other religious and cultural figures, academic and other groups in Bali.

We at Bali Creative Community fully supports this noble cause because we believe reverberating silence for a moment, rejuvenates mother earth for a life time and saving the world impacts directly to saving human kind.

As part to socialize the praxis of World Silent Day, Bali Creative Community has been inviting artists and art lovers a like to showcase their care and desires for the augmentation of World Silent Day through the creation of a creative media campaign every year. These artworks are then made public, and showcased to compound the importance of WSD.

We believe that artistic and aesthetic presentations not only enlightens the mind, but also soothes the body and conveys close to the heart messages to nurture the soul.

We are convinced that art possesses the power to communicate the fine personal qualities and distinct moral principles of silence for a golden earth.

We trust creative communities should take part and be the driving force to globalize proactive participation to revive our awe-embracing mother earth. Bali Creative Community proudly participating in Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 from 1-16 May 2010 to showcasing some creative campaign for World Silent Day created by inspiring artists and designers from the island of Bali and Yogyakarta.

WSD is a universal caring that draws inspiration from the local geniuses of culture from all of the world. We do comprehend that conservation and preservation is widely practiced all over the globe although termed, spoken and practiced in diverse manners.

For communities in Bali, the contemporaries of WSD has close proximity to the celebration the local genius of Nyepi. Nyepi stems from sipeng or sepi which literaly means silence. The essence of Nyepi is to revive and express lovingly grattitude to the universe by making time to limit activities for one whole day as it is believed in silence, the fine vibrations of our beloved mother earth is comprehensible and glaringly percievable to us, the human kind.

WSD is a calling for human kind to contemplate and create equilibriums of harmony for the betterment of tomorrows. Based on this universal truth, WSD encourages individual contribution from all, of any nationality, religion and race, to reduce green house gas emission and to focus on ecological approaches and creative outlets as a common interest.

Speak your silence and show your creative support for the golden earth!

Marlowe Bandem
Bali Creative Community

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Artists/Designers contributing their artworks in World Silent Day Creative Campaign to Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010
1. Eco
2. Monez Gusmang
3. Rudy AO
4. Kokok Saja
5. Ayip
6. Indra Widi
7. Ridwan Rudianto

Bali Creative Community delegates to Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 supported by:
1. Denpasar City Government
2. STIKOM Bali
3. KADIN Bali
4. PPPI & AMLI Bali
5. Bali Collaboration on Climate Change
6. B MO

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